The role of our organisation is to assist with education about the industry and then to provide unique and robust business opportunities which investors can invest in.

Investment Strategy

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Our areas of focus are; Australasia, Europe and North America. We focus on these areas because they are markets that are currently tightly regulated and abide by certain legal principles.

We recommend investors who are looking into cannabis as a source of wealth to become familiarized with key concepts about the plant.

The key consideration and fundamental to the medicinal component of medical cannabis is the discovery that human beings and animals have an Endocannabinoid system, which is intrinsic within the body. The role of this system is to create health and homeostasis. Understanding this principle will provide great clarity in how to affront investment in cannabis.

Many organisations have jumped into the cannabis marketplace promoting its recreational properties. These of course, are closely tied to the medical benefits. Medical cannabis is widely used for one of the key components, which is CBD. CBD of course is only one of its properties however known for its capacity to ease pain and facilitate relaxation.

Many people are prescribed CBD as a means of treating anxiety and stress. It is not difficult to see why recreational cannabis is popular. In places where it is legal you can acquire cannabis and consume it as a means of relaxation and entertainment but also with the benefits of its healing properties.

It is interesting to note that cannabis has been used as a form of medicine since the beginning of human history. A great number of references are available to cannabis use in various cultures, nations and locations around the world, the date right back to the Stone Age. We find cannabis seeds in the remains of a frozen being known as Ӧtzi' .

Whilst it is important and interesting to know the benefits and rationale behind the growth of the cannabis industry around the world, clearly it is not a prerequisite. Many people recognize that cannabis, like alcohol is a great social product consumed for pleasure. This alone foretells the story of the growth of cannabis.

It is considered by some experts, that cannabis industry will rival, and perhaps overtake the alcohol industry in due course. In 2018 we saw investment in the multi billion dollars by companies like Constellation Brands into the cannabis industry. They are betting that cannabis infused beverages will also become part of the product-scape in the 21st-century. Recently we have heard stories about Coca-Cola exploring investment in cannabis and arrange other globally recognized companies who see the potential.

A good place to start when investigating investment into cannabis is to ask the obvious question and that is, why is cannabis a good investment?. The short answer to this is simple and that is that cannabis is a product that has been considered illegal and problematic for almost 100 years but is it affect and in fact a powerful natural medicine that is completely plant-based. More importantly the cannabis plant contained within it active cannabinoids of which only one is psychoactive. The other 100+ cannabinoids I’m not psychoactive and respond to the human Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which every human being and every animal has. We have a natural propensity to assimilate the compounds in cannabis which the most well known currently is CBD into our ECS system via the receptor one and receptive to which is found throughout our body.

Knowing this information can only to one conclusion that is that in due course over the next decade we will see cannabis based compounds in all forms of supplements and foods and beverages. The vast majority of human beings will in due course as the science becomes better distributed and the stigma passes regarding cannabis will, consume the cannabinoids to regulate our systems.

This is why large companies including beer companies are also jumping into the marketplace with huge investments in the billions of dollars.

Currently the market is estimated to be around US$10 billion however it is expected to grow to over US$500 billion when fully mature. Therefore we are still at the very beginning.

As you can see the ECS, and consequently medical cannabis have a huge role to play in the 21st-century treatment of humans and their pets.

Once this understanding forms the basis it is easy to understand how the cannabis industry will continue to grow for decades to come. We believe that the cannabinoids and whole plant treatments that cannabis contain look continue to be part of the medical pharmacopoeia and consciousness of humans seeking to improve the quality of life.

You may have heard about the rise of one of the key cannabinoids in marijuana, cannabidiol or CBD? This compound has proven very interesting for a number of conditions of which the treatment of long-term or chronic pain and the treatment of stress. It’s not difficult to understand how treating pain and stress with a natural plant-based medicine has attracted very significant attention from the investment world.

Our focus in investment.

We work with a select handpicked invited range of companies. These companies are early stage and advancing medical cannabis and recreational cannabis companies that offer substantial points of differentiation and implications towards economic success.

We have a holistic and integrated approach to selecting companies to work with and are constantly seeking correlation an symbiosis that allows our portfolio to grow.

So how does a company that manages investments in the cannabis industry selected companies that wishes to promote and fund? Well, that’s easy, in terms of we get involved at hands on level ground level to explore the opportunities within these companies that is not simply a analytical perspective on data but in the valuation of the conditions and circumstances environment that the company works within physically.