Marijuana And 2 Other Investment Manias To Make You A Fortune

Love them or hate them, investment manias make people fortunes. They also lose people fortunes.
It doesn’t matter how bad the economy or the market is, the is a simple golden rule: There is always a party going on somewhere.

Love them or hate them, investment manias make people fortunes. They also lose people fortunes. Most ‘traders’ only play the manias, which is why they fly so high and then crash so low.

Over the years the role of the solo investor has fallen in the market. They have gone to ETFs and funds, and many have left for good carrying their scars from 2001 or 2007. The bulk of the remaining people are gamblers. Not you, of course, you are different.

Everyone, well almost everyone, is looking for the next big thing or hot stock. I know this because running ADVFN and Investors Hub for many years gives me a peek at three million private investors around the world. If only they would invest properly the market would grow back, but sadly the vast majority want the kind of trading action that ends in tears.

I’ve written enough books on investing, one of which was number one on Amazon several times, to know ‘traders gonna trade.’

Never mind. The good news for traders is there are currently three parties going on. One has been underway for some time, one is slowly but surely building and one is only starting.

This is where the ‘fast markets’ are current and future. They are:

Medical Marijuana

Investment in medical marijuana stocks has been ongoing for some time, but there seems to be no let up to the interest. Back at base we have experienced so much interest that we have successfully filled a LA Hall next weekend for MJAC 2017, a medical marijuana investor conference. We aren’t an exhibition company at Investors Hub, we are a financial web site, but the interest was so strong, we bit the bullet and jumped in. Medical marijuana companies are busy with their IR outreach and there is a huge audience of investors deep diving this new segment. Right now medical marijuana is the hotspot for private investors. It is the new ‘mining sector’ when it comes to interest and it continues to grow as the tide of global liberalization rolls on.