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The international cannabis industry has seen significant growth in recent years and the cannabis industry is still in its infancy and has only been open since October 2016 in Australia. Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) seeks to supply national and international markets. 
Invest in Cannabis Industry

With the legal cannabis industry generating $6.9 billion in sales in 2016, up 34% from 2015, it’s a no-brainer to say that much is at stake as the business inevitably grows. Much like the independent movie biz, the cannabis industry attracts investors looking for high-risk, high-reward investments, and as marijuana goes more mainstream, so does the funding mechanisms for the industry’s businesses. Just recently, numerous investment firms have cropped up, announcing themselves as major entities in the billion-dollar industry.

The opportunities are wide-ranging: Everything from exotic strains of marijuana to concentrated edibles to topical creams fortified with CBD extracts, as well as clothing and jewelry lines are all being offered to consumers.

Trends in Cannabis Investing

There are thousands of cannabis business investment opportunities available today, either as over-the-counter (penny) stocks or those sold through the NASDAQ stock exchange, which can make the decision overwhelming to decide. Even enlisting the help of investment companies can prove difficult since they churn out fresh businesses quarterly. Fortunately, there are specific business areas you can focus on that seem to be showing the most promise overall.

For example, because medical marijuana is so much more popular than recreational marijuana, companies focused on medical cannabis products and services seem to be among the most favorable. Also of interest are grow supply companies who not only promote both commercial and private cannabis cultivation, but also promote the cultivation of organic foods in general – a trend that continues to grow in popularity among Americans.

Investing in the marijuana industry

Emerging sectors like the marijuana industry have often attracted investors hoping to be among the first to capitalize on the potential growth and high returns of what they believe are untapped markets or products that may be popular in the future.

While it’s true that some new sectors have been successful for some investors, such as those who invested early in internet-based companies, the chase for the next big investment can lead investors to speculate on trends and bet on industries and products with no proven record or history of success.

The marijuana industry in particular has grown quickly in recent years as a number of jurisdictions, including Canada and certain U.S. states, have explored new laws around the sale and use of marijuana. In Canada, this initially began with the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, which prompted a number of companies to express interest in entering the market and approaching investors who were keen to get in on what they believed was the next big thing.

How to Invest in Legalized Marijuana (Wall Street Journal)

Analysts estimate the number of recreational marijuana users to grow to nearly 3.8 million in Canada by 2021. Add to this the increasing number of American states as well as countries all over the world decriminalizing marijuana—such as Germany’s recent legalization of medicinal cannabis—and it almost guarantees billions of dollars in annual sales. This is the reason why cannabis companies are racing to increase production to fill the imminent supply gap that exists and to establish their footholds in select markets. In Canada alone, recreational cannabis sales could reach $6 billion by 2021, according to Canaccord Genuity.